This website is dedicated to Herman “Zeke“ Zederbaum by his older children. Zeke, as he was known to all, was a World War II Veteran who spent approximately four years in the US Armed Forces. An amateur photographer, using nothing more sophisticated than a “Kodak“ folding camera, he traversed Europe with the 100th Infantry Division, 325th Engineering Battalion, taking pictures as he went.
He initially was sending home rolls of 620 film for developing in the States, but was finding out that many of the pictures were being ruined by the x-ray process which was employed by the military for security. He then tried to send home undeveloped film in helmet liners, but the liners still did not afford the protection that was needed.
Therefore, many of the pictures seen here were actually developed by him in foxholes using quite rudimentary equipment and sent home as prints. This explains the somewhat poor quality of many of the pictures.
We wanted to make sure that these pictures were not simply kept as a family heirloom, but wanted them to be shared with as many people as possible as it shows history from a somewhat different standpoint than you normally see it. We hope that you enjoy the photographs and look forward to this site expanding as we hope its many viewers will also upload some of the history that they may have in their files.
Finally, this site was developed by Zeke's namesake and grandson (and my son), Michael Zeke Zederbaum. My dad died before Michael was born but I know he would be proud of Mike's accomplishments as he developed this site honoring his grandfather.
Robert Zederbaum

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