Charlotte    Debbie   Robert   Melody

My name is Charlotte and I am the eldest of Zeke's children. My dad was a man of strong principals. When the war was over he tried to enter the electrical union but was told to change his last name. His answer was, I hold my head high and proudly know I fought for the rights of all and so he refused and became a success without their backing. I treasure the times we sat around the table discussing the daily news and the in depth way he taught me to read books. He was quiet about his war experiences and only shared the positive. When he and a few soldiers became separated from the others in a small town in France, he shared how they raided vegetable gardens until they were able to rejoin the rest. He learned to eat Kol Rabi, and I think of him when I find it in the vegetable aisle. He was proud of his family, country and I am proud to be one of his children.
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