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My name is Debbie Jordon, the very proud #2 daughter of Zeke Zederbaum. As I looked at the many pictures of his time in the service and remembered some of his stories, I felt the same passion he felt towards his country. Dad loved the USA. One of the things that I loved about my Dad is that, although he told us that he crossed paths with many intolerant and judgemental people as his army traversed Europe, he tried to instill in each of his children that we should embrace differences, not be judgmental, and see each person as an individual, not a stereotype. He saw many horrible sights, devastation, yet showing empathy, but always remembered to maintain a sense of humor. Only God knows how, but in spite of it all, he never complained. He had a bond with his battalion members and they supported one another to the end. Some never made it home. He was a great son, husband, and father. I also remembered that he would say, "Radio Stuttguart, Radio Stuttgart, gain queller, fligacoom (written phonetically - no idea how to spell it.) "Go in the cellar fast". How scary that must have been for young adults to handle the whole war scene.

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