The division insignia consists of the Arabic number "100" centered on a blue shield; the upper half of the number is in white and the lower half in gold. The insignia has no heraldic significance.

Motto: "Success in Battle."


Commanding General

20 Oct 44                            Maj. Gen. Withers A. Burress

Assistant Division Commander

20 Oct 44                            Brig. Gen. Maurice L. Miller
19 Dec 44                           Brig. Gen. John S. Winn, Jr.
4 Jan 45                              Col. Andrew C. Tychsen
12 Apr 45                           Brig. Gen. Andrew C. Tychsen

Artillery Commander

Oct 44                            Brig. Gen. John B. Murphy

Chief of Staff                   

20 Oct 44                            Col. Richard G. Prather

Assistant Chief of Staff G-l

20 Oct 44                            Maj. William V. Rawlings
1 Dec 44                             Lt. Col. William V. Rawlings

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2

20 Oct 44                            Lt. Col. Paul S. Reinecke, Jr.

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3

20 Oct 44                            Lt. Col. Kenneth E. Eckland

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4

20 Oct 44                            Lt. Col. Robert M. Stegmaier

Adjutant General

20 Oct 44                            Lt. Col. Byron C. De La Mater

Commanding Officer, 397th Infantry

20 Oct44                             Col. William A. Ellis
16 Nov 44                          Lt. Col. John M. King
25 Jan 45                            Col. Gordon Singles

Commanding Officer, 398th Infantry

20 Oct 44                            Col. Nelson I. Fooks
12 Dec 44                           Col. Paul G. Daly
18 Dec 44                           Col. Robert M. Williams

Commanding Officer, 399th Infantry

20 Oct 44                            Col. Andrew C. Tychsen
27 Dec 44                           Lt. Col. Elery M. Zehner
12 Jan 45                            Col. Edward J. Maloney

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Activated                          15 November 1942
Arrived ETO                     20 October 1944
Arrived Continent (D+ 166) @ 20 October 1944
Entered Combat - First Elements 1 Nov 1944
Entered Combat - Entire Division  9 Nov 1944
Days in Combat                163
@ D-day for Southern France 15 Aug 44.

Casualties (Tentative)   

Killed   533  
Wounded   3,667  
Missing   589  
Captured   1  
Battle Casualties   4,790  
Non-Battle Casualties   7,425  
Total Casualties   12,215  
Percent of T/O Strength   86.7  


Central Europe

Individual Awards

Distinguished Service Cross 7
Legion of Merit 5
Silver Star 492
Soldiers Medal 23
Bronze Star 5,156
Air Medal 90
Prisoners of War Taken 13,351
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397th Infantry
398th Infantry
399th Infantry
100th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)
325th Engineer Combat Battalion
325th Medical Battalion

100th Division Artillery

374th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
375th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
925th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer)
373d Field Artillery Battalion (155mm Howitzer)

Special Troops

800th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
100th Quartermaster Company
100th Signal Company
Military Police Platoon
Headquarters Company
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